Frequently Asked Questions

How much salt will my softener use?

The amount of salt used depends on how much water is used and how hard your water is. We use metered softeners so they regenerate when you have used the capacity of the ion exchange resin in the softener. Larger softeners contain more ion exchange resin so they treat more water. An example, a 1 ½ cubic foot softener run at 9 pounds of salt per cubic foot uses 13.5 pounds of salt per regeneration. This size softener has a capacity of 36000 grains. If you have a Hardness in the water of 10 grains 36000/10 = 3600 gallons of water. A bag of salt weighs 40 pounds so it will yield almost 3 regenerations per bag. We calculate 75 gallons per person usage
so a family of 4 uses 300 gallons per day. 3,600-gallon capacity /. 300 gallons per day = 12 days between regenerations.

My existing softener regenerates at different times and often during the day so we lose water pressure. Are all water softeners like this?

No, our softeners are metered, so they regenerate based on the gallons used, not on a time basis. We program ours so they regenerate at a more convenient time, say 2 A.M.. We also have dual softeners so you always have soft water and they are programmed to regenerate during the night.

We have read about salt free softeners; do you have those softeners?

Yes, but we do not recommend them for home use. We have found our customers do not like the water, and the loss of water pressure. We use these in commercial applications, such as feeding a boiler where the water flows continually, 24 hours a day.

We have a softener but continue to have yellow water, what is wrong?

We sample your water for a wide variety of parameters to try to ensure we recommend the best system for your water. We have Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, and Sediment filters as well as several types of softeners to provide the best solution. The field testing of the water is free, and we can also collect samples for laboratory analysis.

Do you have Iron filters?

Yes, we have several types of Iron and Manganese filters. We can often eliminate the chemical processing you may have currently installed for a more robust, dependable system. We use many types of media, based on your water chemistry.

Do you treat the water for Arsenic?

Yes, we use several types of treatment as not all water is the same. We test the water and make a recommendation for the type and size of the system to use.

We discovered our well water was contaminated with Nitrates, can you treat this problem?

Yes, we size the system based on your chemistry and flow rate. It is usually an easy remedy for this problem.

We have a well with salt water and cannot use it, is there a system that will allow us to use our water?

Yes, we install a whole house reverse osmosis filter. It may require pretreatment if there is very high concentration of Hardness from Calcium and Magnesium, high Iron or Manganese, or a good deal of sediment.

We have Tannins in our water that leave a yellow color in the water and a "sticky" feeling to the water. Do you have something that can remove this?

Yes, we have a very good proprietary softener that works quite well for this application. We also have Ultrafiltration if needed for this problem.

What control valves do you use most often?

We prefer Clack Corporation valves as we have found them to be the most reliable, easiest to service, and customer friendly.