We have two types of carbon available for our Carbon filters. The first, GAC, or Granulated Activated Carbon is quite efficient at removing Chlorine, Organic materials, and some Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide. It is quite efficient at removing foul odors, tastes, and colors from the water.

We also have Centaur Carbon which is a Virgin Carbon that has many more activated sites than GAC, and is more effective at removing Sulfur compounds and Hydrogen Sulfide.

All Carbon Filters require periodic backwashing to remove the buildup of contaminants from the surface of the carbon. Carbon Filters have a very high capacity but must occasionally be replaced.

Typical flow rates for these filters are shown below.

Tank SizeMaximum Flow RateBackwash Rate
10" X 54"2.7 GPM5.5 GPM
12" X 52"3.9 GPM7.9 GPM
13" X 54"4.6 GPM9.2 GPM

Larger sizes are also available - up to 48" Diameter tanks.

We also offer under counter Carbon Filter Units as shown below.

Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter

Reduces chlorine, sediment, rust,

Our basic filter removes Chlorine and Organic contaminants , using Granular Activated Carbon. Our Premium Carbon filter removes Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Organic Contaminants, Sulfur, using Catalytic carbon.

These carbon filters are installed under the sink as shown in the diagram below.